Architecturals studies

Different architecturals visualizations studies carried out during 2020/21. Between the confinements and a slow activity, I took advantage of this time to make some 3d pictures based on photos of existing projects, trying each time to limit myself to a working time corresponding more or less to a day, between 8 and 12 H (a short day without a extra hours ;)).
The process is simple, I choose a project and an image on archdaily, it’s also the best way to have a maximum of sources and references (plan, photos) and I start.
I do not count the search time for assets for example (sky, vegetation…).
For each of these projects I made a video showing the different stages of the realization of the image of which I attach the link.

Peter Braithwaite Studio

In this picture it was the overall vibe of the visual that attracted me.
The mist effect, when done in 3D, is always a bit complex and cumbersome to set up, but it allowed me to do some testing with Fume FX and it’s always fun to get your hands on a new software.

Add to that a warm, grazing light and the recipe is complete!
You can see the reference on the top and the 3D render below.

Baumschlager Eberle

For this project, it’s really the global set that I liked in this image.

The contrast between the fallow banks and the geometric shapes of the architecture of the court of justice are enough for the impact of this image.
Add to that the river and its reflections in the foreground and the image is as rich as it is interesting.


Here is the reference image on the right and the 3D result below.

This third image is a little simpler than the second, but I was seduced by the perfect blue of the sky against which these rocks eaten away by the sand and the wind stand out.
This harsh nature is framed, presented by the circular, smooth, perfect opening of the patio.

In addition it reminds me of one of the shots of “The third and the seventh” (from very far away…).

Here is the reference image on the right and the 3D result below.

I-O Architectes

For this second project I chose a project by I/O Architects and a more ambitious image, especially on the vegetation present in the foreground.
The reproduction of this type of very natural ground, not maintained and therefore with a wild and disordered aspect is particularly complex and requires very fine attention.

Here is the reference image on the right and the 3D result below.

Alberto Campo

The first project I wanted to do, and which also served as a test of the possibility of staying in such a short time to obtain a finished image, is a project by Alberto Campo, whose work I love.

Here is the reference image on the left and the 3D result on the right.