Few words about us

Clair de Ligne is a brand new graphic design studio. You will nevertheless be in the expert hands of experienced graphic designers.
Whatever your pipeline, recovering your data
will be done without any problem.

We work with 3D Studio Max and Corona,
and accept all file formats.

We take particular care in selecting the best resources (characters, vegetation, etc.)
Technology is just a tool, and we don’t lose sight
the need for fluid and efficient collaboration.

We will start with a modeling. This draft will allow us to send you our first previews, and to start the dialogue that will lead us to the finish product.

Following these exchanges, as numerous as they should be, after your validation, we send the image to calculation for its final rendering in HD.

And to guarantee you the fastest turnaround times in all these steps, we work with the European leaders in render farms.

We look forward to getting to know you and discovering the project you wish to entrust to us.
So contact us!
Hear from you soon by email or phone